About: Marquez & Ondrea

Who We Are and Our Vision...

It all began in April of 2015 when we launched our original company, The Dough Bar. We were getting tired of the protein bars and shakes on the market that offered great nutrition but very little taste. So, in Ondrea's 600 square foot apartment, we decided to start experimenting with one of our favorite sweet treats: DOUGHNUTS. 

From there, we made it onto Shark Tank, launched two new protein-packed products, relocated to our current home in Fort Collins, and opened up The Doughnut Club. We've fallen in love with out new hometown, and we're so excited to have a physical location to interact with our amazing customers.  

Our backgrounds are in health care and social work, and we are passionate about supporting our customers, our employees, and our community. The Dough Bar, and now The Doughnut Club, are platforms for us to do just that. 

We love people, and our business ventures are about more than "making the dough" to us. We live our mission by donating a portion of our monthly sales to nonprofit organizations that serve the community, whether it be fighting childhood obesity or promoting healthier lifestyles.

We want to display and foster a spirit of sincere celebration among the community of our customers. There are so many inspirational stories we've come across in such a short amount of time already - it's a blessing, and we want to share that joy with as many people as possible. We love y'all! 

Marquez & Ondrea

& *New in June, 2017* Baby Mason <3